Meet Suzanne Miller and see What's In Her Bag?! March 6, 2019 16:07

If you know Suzanne Miller you know she's like a graceful gift wrapped in a perfect bow. Warm, smart, classy and full of Southern charm! We sat down with Suzanne to find out some of her favorite places and see what's in her Louis! Fun fact, Suzanne has TWO sets of twins! 

Occupation: Currently I'm a stay at home mama to my favorite little people! Prior to that, I worked at Honda for 15 years where I was both a seat and seatbelt product development engineer and a senior safety test engineer. 

My Family: My handsome hubby Joe, 8 year old twins Andy and Ben, 6 year old twins Charlie and Evie, and our sweet, lively 1 year old Bernedoodle Daisy Mae.

Favorite Quote: I have two!! These days, both of these ring true for me.
1) "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much." ~Jackie Kennedy
2) "Find out who you are. And do it on purpose." ~Dolly Parton

Beach or Mountains: Both! I grew up on Paris Mountain (in the Blue Ridge Mountains) in Virginia, but also love our annual beach trip to Kiawah, South Carolina. I consider both my happy places!

Favorite Meal: If I'm cooking, chicken n' dumplings it is! Or anything in my InstaPot which is my current obsession. If I'm getting takeout, I crave Aab India's Saag paneer. If we're going out, Lindey's, Watershed Kitchen and Spagio are a few of our favorite spots! Can you tell I like to eat?! ;) 

Pet Peeve: Mean people. Didn't their mama ever teach them to treat others like they'd like to be treated?! I don't get it. Life is short and hard enough without any unnecessary drama! 

My Escape: My backyard on a hot summer night. Right before we had Andy and Ben, we revamped our backyard with an outdoor entertaining area and new garage. My favorite thing to do after we put the kids to bed is to curl up on our outdoor couch and watch a movie under the stars! 

Favorite Hidden Spot in Town: If I'm with our crew, I love to take a stroll down to Tarpy Woods at the end of our street.  Our kids love to build forts there still with all the sticks and rocks they can hold! I love it when they are outside getting dirt under their fingernails. And I just enjoy the peace and quiet while they are busy!  If I have an afternoon free, you can likely find me at any of the local antique shops around town, especially Grandview Mercantile which is my current favorite. I love hunting for my next treasure! 

Advice on Success: I don't know if I'm the best person to comment on this, but I'll give it a go. I think my definition of success has changed as I've gotten more "mature." Early in my career, I was focused on deadlines, making $$, and climbing the corporate ladder. Since I've stepped back in my career (and still haven't given up hope on a 2nd act as the kids get a little older!), I consider "success" as having an awesome partner in life, healthy and happy kiddos who love their mama, and a tribe of girlfriends who'll listen without judging and whom I can count on always. I feel very fortunate to be so successful! 
In my bag: 

First of all, this bag was a big purchase for me! I wanted to get it right, so when we were in Las Vegas for my best friend's wedding, I dragged Joe to all 7 Louis Vuittons on the strip to make sure we found the perfect one! ;) Thankfully he was a good sport about it.  So, if we're being totally honest, once I cleaned out the cheerios and fruit snack wrappers, these were a few of my must-have items that I always carry! I've been reading Reese Witherspoon's new book Whiskey in a Teacup so I definitely have that with me to read in the car while I'm waiting for the kids after swim or basketball practice. I also always carry Caldalie Beauty Elixir (it smells divine and just feels fancy) for when I need a pick-me-up. I also like the Pure Haven Boo-book stick since it seems like somebody is always getting hurt! Naked and Thrive Rejuventating oil is awesome and keep my skin soft during these cold Ohio winter months. A few of my favorite Honey Rose & K pieces that I always seem to go to are the Tortoise shell hoops (love the shape of these) and button studs (a good way to step up any outfit!). I usually always have some sort of snack - love the pre-packaged Costco nuts. Because I turned 40 last year and these wrinkles just aren't going away, I try to take collagen whenever I can.  These HUM Pop tabs are fantastic.  And the last three things I always have with me, esp. in the winter, are a tin of Rosebud salve, Sugar lip treatment and Skin Perfect lip gloss. I might have a slight chapstick obsession.