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What's In Dr. Prasad's Bag?! February 19, 2019 17:04

We caught up with one of our favorite customers, Dr. Mona Prasad. We think Mona is spectacular and read on to see why...

Physician, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Addiction Medicine, OhioHealth, Columbus, Ohio

My Family: Husband and best life partner since 2004: Matt Nawrocki, Daughters: Nora (11) and Neve (9), Black Lab: Magic (4)

Favorite Quote: "What the mind does not know, the eyes will not see." I heard this first from my Dad when complaining about studying for exams in medical school, but I bet he adapted it from somewhere.

Beach or Mountains: Depends on the season. Definitely up for a winter ski trip and all the memories that can be made at apres ski for all ages. But, vacation usually means beach to me...Longboat Key is our go-to destination.

Favorite Meal:  Any lunch that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine....I rarely ever drink during the day, so when I am relaxed without obligation at the noon hour, wow, it just feels like #winning.

Pet Peeve: Not finishing what you started.

My Escape:  Theater...I mean, we just moved planes, trains and automobiles to see Hamilton, and I  would do it 10 times over to  embrace that kind of artistry.

Favorite Hidden Spot in Town: No Soliciting Bar. I became a member to have a place to host my posse...But that Pho Place on Lane Ave in the old Taco Bell is a dream as well.

Advice on Success: Wow! I think I still feel like,"Who am I to comment on success?", but maybe that is the point.  Showing up, doing what you say you are going to do, leading with a servant heart...I would attribute my success to that, and maybe it is just that simple.
In my bag: First of all, this Fendi was my most guilty pleasure purchase ever, but the strap I found on consignment (TheRealReal) was a huge win! I always carry this old/cute picture of the girls, my iPhone complete with Michigan Popsocket (Go Blue!!), Aveda Nourish-Mint in spiced plum, the keys to my VW convertible bug so I can drive with the top down whenever it approaches 50 degrees, I have been a disciple of the Full Focus Planner since Christmas and totally recommend to help keep life/work in order as well as to have ongoing journaling, and I have been reading Brene Brown works for the past few months as well. Good stuff!!  My FAV Honey Rose & K pieces are tough to nail down...so I added the ones I reach for the most! Star Gazers (duh, best earrings ever) and my handmade piece highlighting an old charm I had with my girls names on them, spruced up on rosary chain and some "extra" to make it almost my look on the daily.

Thank you Mona! We will see you at lunch for some vino soon.
Honey Rose & K