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Meet Interior Designer Laura Hawk March 6, 2019 14:38

We love Laura Hawk's style and share her love for dessert! Read on to learn more about this incredible designer and learn more about LCH Design HERE!
Occupation: Interior Designer

My Family: Lucky to have found the love of my life at 22 we will have been married for 13 years in July and have 4 kiddos! Lennon (8)  Hendrix (6) Vedder (3) and sweet baby Axl our surprise #4 who’s (20 months)

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote or poem is lengthy but it’s Mother Teresa’s do it anyway poem... if you haven’t read this, I encourage you to. I have had it taped on my vanity for awhile and just put it on my daughters mirror as a daily reminder. 

Beach or Mountains?: Beach I love the sun and the energy you are infused with from that environment! 

Favorite Meal: Caprese or buratta salad with a blue moon to drink followed by an iced sugar cookie or a piece of cake with butter cream frosting.

Pet Peeve: Messes of any kind. I’m a neat freak, can’t even sleep if I know the floors haven’t been swept and counters cleaned etc! 

My Escape: A tea house whether its local or over seas I love a good pot of tea! 

Favorite Local Spot: Cambridge tea house
Advice on Success:
I will never feel I’ve achieved success so that’s a tough question.  I am always looking to gain more knowledge and skill to be better for those I serve.  I just love what I do and I hope to always be a light in someone’s day. The only business principle I have is to be sure and tell People whether it’s a client, my family or the barista who makes my Starbucks drink to start my day off on the right foot,  how wonderful they are and the individual ways that they are special because people need to hear how amazing they are! 
What's In Laura's Bag?!

I’m a minimalist when it comes to my purse and I carry a Bandolier everyday bc it’s easy to access the things I need and prevents my phone from breaking on job sites etc. I keep my Listerine cool strips, my MAC impassioned amplified lipstick, a pair of my favorite Honey Rose & K  earrings to put on before I walk into a meeting, my target card and a love ornament my daughter made me.