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Q & A with Christy Walters from ReUse Revolution February 11, 2019 13:04

Meet Christy Walters from ReUse Revolution!
ReUse Revolution is sustainable products, ideas and solutions for Mother Earth lovers. At Honey Rose & K, we believe it's easy and Chic to live an Eco-life. We met with Christy to do a quick Q & A and learn more about this #bossbabe plus what she loves. We also did a quick dig inside her bag to see what she can't live without!

Owner + Founder of Reuse Revolution. Wedding + Event Planner in my past life. www.reuserevolution.com 

My Family:
Husband, two sons, 10lb Pomeranian and 100lb black Lab. I'm also the youngest of six siblings.

Favorite Quote:
"Mind your posture." from my mom and "Start where you are, do what you can." 

Beach or Mountains:
Both! Mountains if I have to choose. My husband and I lived in Colorado Springs for five years and I miss those views daily.

Favorite Meal:
Current cravings: anything from Acre in UA, (especially their corn cookie - so delicious!), or Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table cookbook, or Chocolate Covered Katie's blog. Pulled jackfruit is also awesome. I realize none of these are a meal in and of themselves, ha!

Pet Peeve:

My Escape:
Picking up litter, going for a run, reading in a (rare) quiet house, and hanging with my family.

Favorite Hidden Spot in Town:
It isn’t really hidden... but I love a cup of tea at Cambridge Tea House. Or heading to Woodlands, to watch blue grass bands with my husband. #eclectic 

Advice on Success:
It means something different to everyone. Find out what fulfills you, (& put in the work and the time towards that passion), then you will find what it feels like to be successful.

What's in Christy's Bag?

1) Volkswagen keys
2) HRK resin earrings
3) HRK Bracelet
4) HRK Heart Shaped "P" Locket
5) Louis Vuitton wallet 
6) Stainless steel straws from my website (ukon serve brand)
7) RR614 logo water bottle from my website (think sport cobranded)
8) Reusable to-go snack container from my website (eco lunchbox brand)
9) Roll up string bag for on the go reusable bag option (awesome because how small it rolls up) from my website (eco bags brand)
10) bamboo travel spork from my website (bambu brand)
11) repair balm chap stick from my website (meow meow tweet brand)
12) biodegradable hair tie from my website (kooshoo brand)
13) straw bag from my website (socco brand)
14) Simple Acts to Save Our Planet book by Michelle Neff
15) Green Calcite from a sweet friend (in general attracts and increases energy, protecting, purifying, grounding, centering and brings inner peace).

Thanks so much Christy for you time and love of all things ECO!