Custom Creations July 14, 2016 13:36

One of my favorite things to do is custom creations with your vintage and input. Currently I'm working on custom pieces for a bride and her bridal party by incorporating,14K gold, sterling, tassels and of course vintage! Everyone walks away with a unique piece that they can cherish forever.
Another woman recently contacted me to repurposed her very old watches passed down in her family. Each delicate watch has its own charm and will be created into a necklace+bracelet for her and a bracelet for her daughter to enjoy. 
The other night I met with Donna who brought me some seriously cool vintage that is in top condition! We brainstormed some ideas on how to breathe new life into her Moms vintage and she's about to have a new jewelry wardrobe that's completely eco-chic. 
I believe your jewelry should tell a story and be as unique as you. You should get compliment after compliment, feel good about where it came from and the process of each hand crafted creation. Contact me to learn more. I'd love to help!