Custom Creations with YOUR Vintage!

Do you have special pieces from your family that you'd like created into chic, modern jewelry? At Honey Rose & K, we take what's old and make it new again. Custom creations make the perfect accessory for your big bridal day, your bridesmaids, your children and yourself! Your jewelry has a story and you can share that story in a unique, memorable way. Contact Meredith to set-up an appointment on the phone or in the person at 614-284-9411. Is email more your style? Email

Transform a brooch into a necklace or bracelet to be worn on your wedding day.

Turn a favorite necklace from when you were young into a piece that suits your style now.

Include your grandmother's earring or hair pin in a decadent necklace.

 Let the heirlooms of yesterday become your favorite pieces to wear today!

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